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Identifying the 1942-3 50c Surcharges on 16c Chungking SYS

50c on 16c surcharge

A chart to aid identification of the different varieties of the 1942-3 50c Surcharges on 16c Chungking SYS. In PDF format at present.

Identifying the 1943 50c Surcharges with Bars on the DPP overprints on 16c Chungking SYS

50c with bars on DPP on 16c surcharge

A chart to aid identification of the 1943 50c Surcharges with Bars on the DPP overprints on 16c Chungking SYS. In PDF format at present.

1946 Zhu De issue of Shandong Post

$1 green imperf Yang EC 81

The six different varieties of the Shandong Post 1946 Zhu De issue. Plus the dubious $10 overprint.

20c Surcharge Varieties

Small 2 of West Szechuan

Stamp showing the small '2' variety. From large block with this and another major overprint variety of the 1943 West Szechuan 20c surcharge.

SARS Coronavirus Disinfected Mail


An article about an envelope hand stamped with SARS DISINFECT from the first SARS virus epidemic of 2003.

This article (in PDF format at present) has won an "SG Blue" award in the recent Stanley Gibbons single sheet competition.

1946 Unit Stamps of Jin Sui - EKD?

Green local post unit stamps of Jin-Sui

Two stamps, used copies of Yang NC248, one with apparently with Earliest Known Date of use.

Apparently EKD Covers


Two covers, from a current auction, apparently with Earliest Known Date of use.

Double overprint, one not inked

Yang NW69 var

The Gansu overprints on Republican Unit stamps (Yang NW69-71) seem to have been struck fairly hard, creating an indent in the paper. This has allowed us to see this double overprint, one of them un-inked.

Click for more details and larger image, where I hope you can see the double overprint.

Double overprint? No, something less common!

Chan G68 var

A stamp found recently in a cheap lot. At first sight, the double overprint, Chan G68d, SG 1077b. But no, it is something more unusual!

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Block of 6 East China Used in small village in Jiangsu

Yang NE365a block of 6 with village cds

With circular date stamp (c.d.s) of 東溝 Tungkow (modern Donggou 东沟) village in 蘇江 Kiangsu (Jiangsu 苏江) Province..

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1949 Seventh Anniversary of Shantung Post

1949 set - Yang NE362-72

Celebrating 7 years of operation of the Shantung Posts, through war with Japan and civil war with the Nationalists.

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Variety of Yang NE182 on laid paper

Yang NE182 reverse showing laid paper

Newly discovered variety of the $5,000 2nd North-East Tiananmen stamp (Yang NE182) on laid paper.

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East China Su-Nan Surcharge Variety Discovery

Su-Nan variety discovery

An article about the recently discovered Su-Nan $10 on $2 (normally $10 on $1, Yang EC356).

Cordwainer Smith - China hand

Linebarger 1944

An article about a fascinating cover addressed to American China expert, later writing SF as Cordwainer Smith!

Distinguishing 1949 Hwai-Hai Forgeries

1949 Victory at Hwai-Hai

Learn about common forgeries of this issue - sometimes these are seen perforated, but usually the on the imperf varieties.

MLO - Hutou

Manchurian Local Overprint of Hutou

An article about the MLO issues of Hutou, including some details of Hutou Fort, captured by USSR army from the Japanese Kwantung Army in 1945.

A late print 3 candarins Large Dragon

late print 3 candarin dragon

An article about a late print, roughly perforated 3 candarins Large Dragon, including details of proof dots and other features. (Links to my occasional stamp blog).

Varieties of the Harbin 4th surcharges

Yang NE125-7 & unlisted varieties

An article about unlisted varieties of the Harbin 4th surcharges on Mao issues, North East Liberated Area, Yang NE125-7. PDF only at present.

A modern postal forgery - PRC 2003

A modern postal forgery - of 2003-6 Mosque

An article about a modern postal forgery - PRC 2003-6 2-1 Mosque stamp. PDF only at present.

Cover from Japanese occupied Kalgan

Cover from Japanese occupied Mengkiang

An article about a cover from Japanese occupied Mengkiang before separate stamp issues for the region. PDF only at present.

Mysterious 1980 Chinese cover

1980 Tibetan Cover 4f uprated to 8f

An article about a mysterious 1980 Chinese cover, franked with sought after 4f Qi Baishi with an additional 4f stamp franked (and maybe added?) later! From Purang, Tibet via Shiquanhe to Shenyang. PDF only at present.

Doubly bilingual 1988 Chinese postage due cover

1988 Baiyu cover

1988 cover with postage due red oval & doubly bilingual chops: Tibetan/Chinese cds of Baiyu, Sichuan and Mongolian/Chinese receiver. PDF only at present.

Resources used to identify Chinese town in cds

Kwonghoi stamps used in 1944

Three otherwise common stamps with the same cancel and the same date. How I identified the town, when KWONGHOI wasn't recognised by Google! With some comments about the Nationalist control of the town in 1944. PDF only at present.

A bargain? 1c Full Sun (newsprint paper)

1c Full Sun, Yang NC3

A sale of the 1c full sun of the North China, Shansi-Chahar-Hopeh Liberated Area, on brown newsprint paper, Yang NC3.

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