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A bargain? 1c Full Sun (newsprint paper)

Always interesting to see a sale of the 1c full sun of the North China, Shansi-Chahar-Hopeh Liberated Area, on brown newsprint paper, Yang NC3.

1c Full Sun, Yang NC3 And reverse: 1c Full Sun, Yang NC3 reverse This one is offered at $350 or best offer on eBay by prolific seller Don Prater, aka yoprate-1.

It appears to be the same stamp as was unsold at Interasia Auctions, June 27, 2016, lot 1002.

One has to wonder why it was unsold then and is now being offered at under Yang 1998 catalogue price? Particularly when it started with such a low estimate ($1,000-1,200 HKD).

Is that newsprint paper? Don describes it as 'mesh' paper and there is some texture to be seen on the reverse. Normally newsprint doesn't have any mesh pattern? But it is hard to be sure with something subjective like paper type.

I find papers very hard to distinguish, myself.

Or is there something else that makes buyers avoid this stamp?

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