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How to identify common forgeries of Victory at Hwai-Hai stamps

Most imperf Victory at Hwai-Hai stamps offered for sale are forgeries. Most of them are easy to distinguish from the genuine, when you know where to look.

Yang EC384-405 details of forgeries

Notice the genuine stamps have three pairs of vertical lines of shading in the lower right corner, which have a thinner left line that does not reach the horizontal frame line. It is particularly noticeable on the third pair of lines.

In addition the white space to the right of the third pair of lines has a curve at the based, somewhat shaped like a 'J'.

The common forgeries have more regular vertical lines.

NOTE: some consider the 'forgeries' to be official reprints.

I have seen no evidence that this was the case.

Note: some catalogue images may be photoshopped to provide an image of a stamp.
However, items for sale have not had the stamp image altered in any way.