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Discovered! A new variety of a 1949 Communist East Area stamp

Yang EC356 variety

What is this? A fairly common surcharged stamp from East China, with rolled cancel? Or something else? Click for more ...

Cordwainer Smith - China hand

Linebarger 1944

An article about a fascinating cover addressed to an American China expert, later writing Science Fiction as Cordwainer Smith!

Distinguishing 1949 Hwai-Hai Forgeries

1949 Victory at Hwai-Hai

Learn about common forgeries of this issue - sometimes these are seen perforated, but usually we see forgeries of the imperf varieties.

Greenland's Stamp of the Year

Greenland Stamps 2017

Vote for Greenland's Stamp of the Year

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A rare stamp for sale

Yang EC356 variety

It is strange to want to possess this used stamp, when it looks just the same as the common non-watermarked 3c with CNC surcharge (unless carefully examined) and is for sale at Sandafayre auctions with a minimum bid of £880 (80% of £1,100 estimate). None of the catalogues, that I have, say how many of these are known.

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Japanese Occupation of North China $50 proofs

snippet from article

Spotted on Glen Stephens rarities web site ... click for more details. Still there when viewed 10th February 2018. No one seems to want them at that price?

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snippet from 1944 Shandong Mao Issue article

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