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1945 Japanese Occupation of North China $50 colour proofs

Australian stamp dealer Glen Stephens offered these for sale at the beginning of 2018 for 250 AUD. Presumably now sold, perhaps at that price.

6 different colour proofs $50 SYS

Chan lists 12 different colours for these proofs (Chan JNP1a-k), but not a green one as far as I can tell, so that may be additional to Chan's list.

Interesting to notice that they are on a variety of papers, perhaps deliberately or perhaps just due to low stocks of paper at the printers at that time.

Chan listed these at $20 or $30 USD each in 1992, so they might have been a good buy at not too much more.

Personally I don't really want to get involved in collecting proofs - with China it's hard enough just collecting issued stamps!