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Central and South Liberated Areas, 1948 - 1949

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Pic Code Issued Set Name SG Scott Yang Mint Sale
CS1  01/04/1948  West Henan Opts on N China  CC1-CC4  nl  CC1-5  $4,200.00 
CS2  01/06/1948  West Henan Mao (imperf)  CC5A-CC10A  nl  CC6-11  $5,900.00 
CS3  02/06/1948  West Henan Mao (perf)  CC5B/CC8B  nl  CC12-4  $800.00 
CS4  11/11/1948  Zhengzhou Surcharges  CC11-CC20  nl  LCC1-11  $6,800.00 
CS5  27/12/1948  Zhongzhou Mao (Xinyu Ptg Co)  CC21-6  nl  CC15-20  $75.00 
LCC2  00/04/1949  Yun-Meng Hand Surcharges  nl  nl  LCC12-8  $4,200.00 
LCC3  00/04/1949  Kwang-Shui hand surcharge  nl  nl  LCC19  $900.00 
LCC4  00/04/1949  Ying-Cheng hand surcharges  nl  nl  LCC20-1  $0.00 
CS6  01/04/1949  Zhengzhou Mao (Xinhua Book) perf  CC27A-CC33A  nl  CC21-7  $120.00 
CS7  01/04/1949  Zhongzhou Mao (Xinhua Book - imperf)  CC27B-CC33B  nl  CC28-34  $600.00 
CS8  01/05/1949  Zhongzhou (Xinyu) Mao surcharged  CC34-CC36  nl  CC35-7  $36.00 
LCC7  01/05/1949  Lukiang Temporary Use  nl  nl  LCC27-8  $500.00 
LCC9  00/06/1949  Pingsiang Hand Surcharge  nl  nl  LCC31-3  $2,700.00 
LCC10  00/06/1949  Yichun Hand Surcharges  nl  nl  LCC34-5  $400.00 
LCC11  00/06/1949  Yingtan Hand Surcharges  nl  nl  LCC36-8  $0.00 
CS9  04/06/1949  SYS Hankow opt thin bars  CC45-51  6L1-7  CC47-53  $43.00 
CS10  05/06/1949  SYS optd thick bars by Fuxing Ptg Co  CC52-CC60  6L8-16  CC54-62  $60.00 
CS11  20/06/1949  Dawen (Nanchang, Jiangxi) Surcharges  CC117-32  6L17-32  CC151-66  $64.00 
LCC8  21/06/1949  Lukiang Surcharges on Revenues  nl  nl  LCC29-30  $180.00 
CS12  01/07/1949  Zhongzhou Mao (Wanfeng Ptg Co)  CC38A-39B  nl  CC38-40  $13.00 
CS14  02/07/1949  Jiancheng, Jiujiang, Jiangxi Surcharges  CC133-47  nl  LCC39-51  $160.00 
CS18  21/07/1949  Peasant, Soldier, Workman  CC61-CC75  6L33-46  CC63//85  $120.00 
CS17  21/07/1949  Hankou Star  CC76-CC86  6L48-56  CC70-9  $140.00 
LCC12  25/07/1949  Kian Hand Surcharges  nl  nl  LCC52-5  $4,000.00 
LCC5  28/07/1949  Sha-si hand overprints  nl  nl  LCC22-3  $2,400.00 
CS15  29/07/1949  Xinhua Book print Mao optd Yongchang Press  CC39-40  nl  CC41-2  $14.00 
CS16  29/07/1949  Xinhua & Wangfeng Mao optd Mingchang Press  CC41-4  nl  CC43-6  $160.00 
LCC6  00/08/1949  Li-ling hand overprint  nl  nl  LCC24-6  $0.00 
LCC14  00/08/1949  Sin-Feng Surcharges  nl  nl  LCC60-1  $2,000.00 
CS19  01/08/1949  Zhengshou (XInhua) $30 Mao optd by Mingchang  CC158-9  6L88-9  CC121-2  $32.00 
CS20  05/08/1949  Dawen (Nanchang, Jiangxi) Surcharges (2nd)  CC148-57  nl  CC167-76  $140.00 
CS21  16/08/1949  Liberation of Wuhan (perf)  CC87A-CC92A  6L57-62  CC86-91  $30.00 
CS22  16/08/1949  Liberation of Wuhan (imperf)  CC87B-CC92B  nl  CC92-7  $24.00 
LCC13  18/08/1949  Wan-An Peoples Post Opts  nl  nl  LCC56-9  $1,200.00 
CS23  01/09/1949  Honan opt on Liberation of Wuhan (perf)  CC179A-84A  6L82-7  CC139-44  $36.00 
CS24  02/09/1949  Honan opt Liberation of Wuhan (imperf)  CC179B-84B  nl  CC145-50  $42.00 
CS25  03/09/1949  Peasant, Soldier, Workman optd (1st)  CC160-2  6L63-5  CC118-20  $25.00 
CS26  04/09/1949  Honan opt Peasant, Soldier, Workman; Star  CC163-78  6L66-81  CC123-38  $260.00 
SCL1  00/11/1949  Hoppu Local Overprint  nl  nl  SCL1  $0.00 
CS27  01/11/1949  Hankou Star Parcel Post  CCP93-6  6LQ1-4  CCP1-4  $30.00 
CS28  03/11/1949  Liberation of Shantou handstamp  CC185-7  7L6a-8a  SC11-3  $300.00 
CS29  04/11/1949  Liberation of Guangzhou  CC201-5  7L1-5  SC1-5  $10.00 
CS30  09/11/1949  Shantou opt on Unit  CC188-CC191  7L9-12  SC17-20  $150.00 
CS32  09/11/1949  Shantou opt on SY SYS  CC192-5  7L13-6  SC21-4  $530.00 
CS31  09/11/1949  Shantou opt on Swans  CC196-7  7L17-8  SC25-6  $1,100.00 
CS33  09/11/1949  Shantou overprint on Canton SY opt  CC198-200  7L6-8  SC14-6  $122.00 
CS34  10/12/1949  Liberation of Guangzhou surcharged  CC206-10  7L19-23  SC6-10  $20.00 
CS35  17/12/1949  Hankou issues optd Fuxing Ptg Co  CC97-CC116  6L90-109  CC98-117  $190.00