RC19 2nd Peking Junk, Reaper, Hall

Issued sometime in January 1923, in Republic of China. Listed as SG #309-32 Chan #249-72. Price mint 1300, used 180

Printed on thin (French) or thick (Canadian) paper

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Collected AM Catalogue Numbers Face Colour/Design Mint Used Sale
mu view SG06:309,Scott03:248,Chan92:249,Ma98:303 ½c brown, thick paper 1 0.3 none
mu view SG06:310,Scott03:249,Chan92:250,Ma98:304 1c orange yellow, thick paper 1 0.2 none
mu view SG06:311,Scott03:250,Chan92:251,Ma98:305 1½c violet, thick paper 1.7 0.8 none
mu view SG06:312,Scott03:251,Chan92:252,Ma98:306 2c green, thick paper 1.3 0.3 none
mu view SG06:313,Scott03:252,Chan92:253,Ma98:307 3c blue green, thin paper 2.6 0.3 none
mu view SG06:314,Scott03:253,Chan92:254,Ma98:309 4c grey, thin paper 10 0.8 none
mu view SG06:315,Scott03:275,Chan92:255,Ma98:315 4c olive, thick paper 1.7 0.5 none
mu view SG06:316,Scott03:254,Chan92:256,Ma98:310 5c mauve, thick paper 2.6 0.5 none
mu view SG06:317,Scott03:255,Chan92:257,Ma98:311 6c red, thick paper 4.3 0.5 none
mu view SG06:318,Scott03:324,Chan92:258,Ma98:312 6c brown, thick paper 26 4 none
mu view SG06:319,Scott03:256,Chan92:259,Ma98:313 7c violet, thick paper 5 1.6 none
mu view SG06:320,Scott03:257,Chan92:260,Ma98:314 8c orange, thick paper 9 0.8 none
mu view SG06:321,Scott03:258,Chan92:261,Ma98:315 10c blue, thick paper 7 0.3 none
mu view SG06:322,Scott03:259,Chan92:262,Ma98:316 13c brown, thick paper 14 0.7 none
mu view SG06:323,Scott03:260,Chan92:263,Ma98:317 15c blue, thick paper 5 0.7 none
mu view SG06:324,Scott03:261,Chan92:264,Ma98:318 16c olive, thick paper 5 0.6 none
mu view SG06:325,Scott03:262,Chan92:265,Ma98:319 20c red brown, thick paper 5 0.3 none
mu view SG06:326,Scott03:263,Chan92:266,Ma98:320 30c maroon, thick paper 14 0.3 none
mu view SG06:327,Scott03:264,Chan92:267,Ma98:321 50c green, thick paper 24 1 none
mu view SG06:328,Scott03:265,Chan92:268,Ma98:322,Mi13:205 $1 sepia and orange, single thick curved line 26 1 none
mu view SG06:329,Scott03:266,Chan92:269,Ma98:323,Mi13:206 $2 brown and blue, single thick curved line 39 2 none
mu view SG06:330,Scott03:267,Chan92:270,Ma98:324 $5 green and red, single thick curved line 52 8 none
mu view SG06:331,Scott03:268,Chan92:271,Ma98:301 $10 mauve and green, single thick curved line 350 30 none
xu view SG06:332,Scott03:269,Chan92:272,Ma98:325 $20 blue & plum, single thick curved line 700 125 none