KP1 Overprint on Junks, Reapers & Halls

Issued on 18/03/1927, in Kirin and Heilungkiang Provinces. Listed as SG #1-20 Scott #1-20. Price mint 300, used 160

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On 01/09/2019 this set realised 189.5 GBP mint.

Collected AM Catalogue Numbers Face Colour/Design Mint Used Sale
mu view SG06:1,Scott03:1,Chan92:KH1 ½c black opt. on ½c brown (thick paper) 0.4 0.4 none
mu view SG06:2,Scott03:2,Chan92:KH2 1c black opt. on 1c orange yellow (thick paper) 0.4 0.1 none
mu view SG06:3,Scott03:3,Chan92:KH3 1½c black opt. on 1½c violet (thick paper) 1.4 1.2 none
mu view SG06:4,Scott03:4,Chan92:KH4 2c black opt. on 2c green (thick paper) 1 0.5 none
mu view SG06:5,Scott03:5,Chan92:KH5 3c black opt. on 3c blue green (thin paper) 1.1 0.6 none
mu view SG06:6,Scott03:6,Chan92:KH6 4c black opt. on 4c grey (thin paper) 1 0.2 none
mu view SG06:7,Scott03:7,Chan92:KH7 5c black opt. on 5c mauve (thick paper) 1.4 0.4 none
mu view SG06:8,Scott03:8,Chan92:KH8 6c black opt. on 6c red (thick paper) 1.4 0.6 none
mu view SG06:9,Scott03:9,Chan92:KH9 7c black opt. on 7c violet (thick paper) 2.7 1.8 none
mu view SG06:10,Scott03:10,Chan92:KH10 8c black opt. on 8c orange (thick paper) 2 1.2 none
mu view SG06:11,Scott03:11,Chan92:KH11 10c black opt. on 10c blue (thick paper) 2.7 1.8 none
mu view SG06:12,Scott03:12,Chan92:KH12 13c black opt. on 13c brown (thick paper) 6 5 none
mu view SG06:13,Scott03:13,Chan92:KH13 15c black opt. on 15c blue (thick paper) 5 1.2 none
mu view SG06:14,Scott03:14,Chan92:KH14 16c black opt. on 16c olive (thick paper) 6 2.3 none
mu view SG06:15,Scott03:15,Chan92:KH15 20c black opt. on 20c red brown (thick paper) 5 2 none
mu view SG06:16,Scott03:16,Chan92:KH16 30c black opt. on 30c maroon (thick paper) 7 3 none
mu view SG06:17,Scott03:17,Chan92:KH17 50c black opt. on 50c green (thick paper) 12 3 none
mx view SG06:18,Scott03:18,Chan92:KH18 $1 black opt. on $1 sepia and orange (single thick curved line) 30 6 none
xx view SG06:19,Scott03:19,Chan92:KH19 $2 black opt. on $2 brown and blue (single thick curved line) 55 14 none
xx view SG06:20,Scott03:20,Chan92:KH20 $5 black opt. on $5 green and red (single thick curved line) 160 110 none