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DateItem (click for details)StatePrice
02/12/2022 1977 30th Ann Martyrdom Liu Hulan (Peoples Republic of China) mint £10.70
29/11/2022 1952 Tibet (Peoples Republic of China) mint £39.60
27/11/2022 1914 15c brown in set 1st Peking Junks (Republic of China) mint $11.49
27/11/2022 1913 $1 black and ochre in set Junks London print (Republic of China) mint $61.00
27/11/2022 1912 $1 red in set Commemorating the Revolution (Republic of China) mint $67.06
27/11/2022 1912 50c green in set Commemorating the Revolution (Republic of China) mint $10.50
27/11/2022 1897 black opt. on 3c red in set Red revenues larger surcharge (Chinese Empire) mint $265.00
27/11/2022 1878 3ca red in set Large dragon, thin paper (Chinese Empire) used $159.50
26/11/2022 1897 Black opt. on 30ca rose red in set Large, wide on 2nd Dowagers (Chinese Empire) used $303.00
19/11/2022 1963 Giant Panda (Peoples Republic of China) mint £63.43

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