RC52 Hong Kong Great Wall Airs no watermark

Issued sometime in 1940, in Republic of China. Listed as SG #555-64. Price mint 7, used 10.5

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Collected AM Catalogue Numbers Face Colour/Design Mint Used Sale
mu view SG06:555,Scott03:C31,Chan92:A35 15c green, type B, wide 0.7 0.8 none
mx view SG06:556,Scott03:C32,Chan92:A36 25c orange, type B; wide 0.7 0.8 none
mu view SG06:557,Scott03:C33 30c red, type A; wide 0.7 0.8 none
mu view SG06:558,Scott03:C34 45c purple, 0.7 1 none
mx view SG06:559,Scott03:C35 50c dark brown, 0.7 0.8 none
mu view SG06:560,Scott03:C36 60c blue, 0.7 1 none
mx view SG06:561,Scott03:C37 90c olive, 0.7 1 none
mx view SG06:562,Scott03:C38 $1 light green, 0.8 0.9 none
mx view SG06:563,Scott03:C39 $2 brown, 2 2 none
mu view SG06:564,Scott03:C40 $5 dark red, 1.5 1.5 none