RC40 SYS 3, Chung Hwa, die III

Issued sometime in November 1938, in Republic of China. Listed as SG #462-77. Price mint 60, used 20

15c brown - see Japanese occupied Central China (Nanking & Shanghai)

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On 18/05/2013 this set realised 31.13 USD mint.

Collected AM Catalogue Numbers Face Colour/Design Mint Used Sale
mu view SG06:462,Scott03:349,Chan92:371,Ma98:434B 2c olive green, Die III, comb perf 2 0.4 none
mu view SG06:463,Scott03:368,Chan92:397,Ma98:449 2c olive green, re-engraved 2 0.4 none
mu view SG06:464,Scott03:350,Chan92:372,Ma98:435 3c brown, 0.6 0.2 none
mu view SG06:465,Scott03:351,Chan92:373,Ma98:436A 5c green, 1.8 0.4 none
mu view SG06:466,Scott03:352,Chan92:374,Ma98:437 5c olive green, 1.2 0.3 none
mu view SG06:467,Scott03:353,Chan92:375,Ma98:438 8c olive green, 0.6 0.2 none
mu view SG06:468,Scott03:369,Chan92:398,Ma98:450 8c olive green, re-engraved 2 0.6 none
mu view SG06:469,Scott03:354,Chan92:376,Ma98:439 10c green, 1 0.6 none
mu view SG06:470,Scott03:355,Chan92:377,Ma98:440 15c red, 3 3 none
mu view SG06:471,Scott03:357,Chan92:379,Ma98:442 16c olive, 3 1 none
mu view SG06:472,Scott03:358,Chan92:380,Ma98:443 25c blue, 2 1 none
mu view SG06:473,Scott03:359,Chan92:381a,Ma98:444A $1 sepia and red brown, Die III, line perf 4 1 none
mx view SG06:474,Scott03:360,Chan92:382,Ma98:445B $2 red brown and blue, Die III, comb perf 4 1 none
mu view SG06:475,Scott03:361,Chan92:383a,Ma98:446A $5 green and red, Die III, line perf 7 1 none
mx view SG06:476,Scott03:362,Chan92:384,Ma98:447B $10 violet and green, Die III, comb perf 9 3 none
mu view SG06:477,Scott03:363,Chan92:385,Ma98:448 $20 blue and purple, Die III, line perf 16 8 none