RC5 Republic of China, Statistical Department overprints (dues)

Issued sometime in March 1912, in Republic of China. Listed as SG #D207-15 Scott #J25-33. Price mint 266, used 53

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Collected AM Catalogue Numbers Face Colour/Design Mint Used Sale
mu view SG06:D207,Scott03:J25,Chan92:D23 0.5c red opt. on (no added value) blue 2 1 none
xu view SG06:D208,Scott03:J26,Chan92:D24 1c red opt. on 1c brown 4 1 none
mu view SG06:D209,Scott03:J27,Chan92:D25 2c red opt. on 2c brown 4 1 none
xx view SG06:D210,Scott03:J28,Chan92:D26 4c red opt. on 4c blue 4 1 none
xu view SG06:D211,Scott03:J29,Chan92:D27 5c red opt. on 5c blue 180 30 none
xu view SG06:D212,Scott03:J30,Chan92:D28 5c red opt. on 5c brown (unissued) 6 2 none
xu view SG06:D213,Scott03:J31,Chan92:D29 10c red opt. on 10c blue 6 2 none
xu view SG06:D214,Scott03:J32,Chan92:D30 20c red opt. on 20c blue 20 5 none
xx view SG06:D215,Scott03:J33,Chan92:D31 30c red opt. on 30c blue 40 10 none