Ti1 Chinese Imperial Post surcharges

Issued sometime in March 1911, in Tibet. Listed as SG #C1-C11 Chan #T1-11. Price mint 1600, used 960

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Collected AM Catalogue Numbers Face Colour/Design Mint Used Sale
mu view SG06:C1,Chan92:T1 3p black opt. on 1c ochre 50 36 none
mu view SG06:C2,Chan92:T2 ½a black opt. on 2c green 50 44 none
mu view SG06:C3,Chan92:T3 1a black opt. on 4c red 50 40 none
mx view SG06:C4,Chan92:T4 2a black opt. on 7c red-brown 50 50 none
mx view SG06:C5,Chan92:T5 2½a black opt. on 10c blue 60 56 none
xx view SG06:C6,Chan92:T6 3a black opt. on 16c olive 90 64 none
xx view SG06:C7,Chan92:T7 4a black opt. on 20c red-brown 70 50 none
xx view SG06:C8,Chan92:T8 6a black opt. on 30c red 110 50 none
xx view SG06:C9,Chan92:T9 12a black opt. on 50c green 280 135 none
xx view SG06:C10,Chan92:T10 1r black opt. on $1 cream and red 400 260 none
xx view SG06:C11,Chan92:T11 2r black opt. on $2 yellow and red 550 500 none