CE40 Chinese Imperial Post, Waterlow print, no watermark, new colours - for sale

Issued sometime in January 1905, in Chinese Empire. Listed as SG #151-7 Scott #124-30 Chan #129-35. Price mint 180, used 60

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On 06/12/2019 this set realised 142.5 USD mint.

Collected AM Catalogue Numbers Face Colour/Design Mint Used Sale
mu view SG06:151,Scott03:124,Chan92:129,Ma98:128 2c green, 10 5 none
mu view SG06:152,Scott03:125,Chan92:130,Ma98:129 3c grey-green, 14 4 none
mu view SG06:153,Scott03:126,Chan92:131,Ma98:131 4c red, 20 5 none
mu view SG06:154,Scott03:127,Chan92:132,Ma98:134 5c mauve, 22 5 none
mu view SG06:155,Scott03:128,Chan92:133,Ma98:135 7c red-brown, 28 10 none
mu view SG06:156,Scott03:129,Chan92:134,Ma98:137 10c blue, 36 4 Y
mu view SG06:157,Scott03:130,Chan92:135,Ma98:138 16c olive, 50 12 none