RC134 SYS 13 with secret marks printed by Central Trust

Issued sometime in January 1949, in Republic of China. Listed as SG #1161-2 Scott #895-6 Chan #G137-8. Price mint 1, used 2

Plates made from Dah Tung die with various secret marks added

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Collected AM Catalogue Numbers Face Colour/Design Mint Used Sale
mx view SG06:1161,Scott03:895,Chan92:G137a,Ma98:1349 $10 green, high (21mm), perf 12½ 0.15 4 none
mx view SG06:1162,Scott03:896,Chan92:G138a,Ma98:1350 $20 dark purple, high (21mm), perf 12½ 0.15 0.6 none