Culture wars?

The film 'Blade Runner 2049' can be seen as reflecting modern culture, the clash between old/new left & old/new right, progressive and conservative tendancies. This article discusses these issues in some depth.

Blade Runner 2049

National Insurance, Taxation and the Land

This article, criticising any 'hypothecated' tax to pay for the NHS, has opened my eyes to the regressive nature of National Insurance as a tax mechanism.

Thanks to Richard Murphy for that. Evidently tax reform is needed.

Joy of Tax - book cover

His book seems to have sold out at Waterstones! Click the image to check if it is in stock.

I am interested in some kind of 'Georgist' tax - i.e. a tax on land. Not least for the positive effects it might have on the housing problem. To what extent is local council tax such a tax?

The Land

Have you seen The Land magazine? Highly recommended. Obtain your copy via the link to their web site.

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